What is Buddhist Life and Wellness Coaching?

Coaches will always be your biggest cheerleader. When you need someone to become a mirror for your amazing potential, and show you that you have the capacity to take your life the fullest extent, a coach comes in. Buddhist Life Coaching addresses in particular three aspects: How are you changing to grow your relationship to yourself and the rest of the world? How are you growing your wisdom? How are you growing your contemplative practice and introspective awareness? These three key questions form the basis for the unfolding of the rest of our interaction. The first meeting is spent understanding your life story and goals. The second meeting is spent uncovering your own natural wisdom, muse, and connection to your flow in order to increase your effectiveness, potential and heighten your senses. Are you ready to shift into the next level of your life’s purpose? Are you ready to grow?

The Outcomes

The outcome of coaching with Aric is increased attentional skills, focus and ability to project manage. You will be given the mindfulness and introspective ability you need for success. The point of coaching is empowerment, and growth through unmasking the skill sets you are missing. Through continued training, you will uncover your own talent for success.

Ready to Schedule?

Growth is not instantaneous, but it can be depending on how much you are ready to shift. Knowing this, Aric requires a minimum of two general coaching sessions, The first hour-long session is framed as a beginning consultation and some guidance, the second is framed as the actual coaching session. Priced together, they are $150. Additional follow up sessions are $100 per hour, While Aric feels that the meetings are most effective if they are in person, using Zoom or Skype is also an option. After establishing a relationship, the flexibility of a phone conversation is also possible. Options are available regarding package deals including 5 sessions or more, or specialized coaching programs. Inquire for more details.

Reach the Heights of your Potential

Reach the Heights of your Potential