Freeing the Heart

We don’t have to spin through our life. We can use the cultivation of training in presence and touching our own hearts to establish our roots in the ground of a reality that is open, and loving. Learning to face our own circumstances with fearlessness, and dignity is best done through the path of meditation.

Awakening one’s own heart is the path by which we can learn to be not only more effective beings in this world, but more compassionate, loving, awestruck and interconnected.

The work is less about learning how to be a better cog in the machine of life, and more about learning to discover our natural wisdom, and regularly touching our potential.

I offer meditation instruction for free or donation only. No literal or figurative attachments. I actually want nothing but for everyone to realize their potential and path of truth. I am not a spiritual guru, nor do I seek any kind of personal gain from anyone's path. My mission is to break the idea in our culture that one needs to make money by offering a spiritual path. In this society it has been long acknowledged if we have some passion we take it and make money off of it. In this regard, I wish to break the cycle that one needs to pay money for their spiritual growth. You can take the spirit with you when you die, but you cannot take your bank account.

My work and study is derived from a practical level. My main source of inspiration are my own Spiritual Gurus, Lama Kunsang Thongdo Dojee and Lama Wangdu Rinpoche who give teachings so freely and openly requiring nothing in return. I have been studying and practicing the Buddhist path for 15 years, and have studied with many Tibetan Buddhist Masters.

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“Retraining the mind to uncover the wondrous qualities of the heart.”