Aric draws from 14 years of Buddhist practice experience, studying with many Buddhist Masters, an M.A. and B.A. in Buddhist Studies, a B.A. Degree in Yoga (1000 hr plus teacher training and an in depth study of the various yoga traditions), and a year and half long Mindfulness Mediation Instructor Training course in order to lay down the foundations of Meditation and Insight Training for students and groups

Mindfulness and Insight Trainings

Drawing from his extensive knowledge in Buddhism, and his in depth training, Aric offers Mindfulness and Insight trainings and classes to the community at large. For more details email Aric to open dialogue about what may best suit you or your group best.

Meditation Instruction

Take your spiritual practice to the next level. An excellent training opportunity for anyone who is trying to advance their introspective practice, Aric is uniquely positioned to offer instruction on those techniques. If you, your studio, or group are interested, please inquire for details.

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“Retraining the Mind to uncover the Wondrous Qualities of the Heart”