Terms & Policies


Statement About General Practitioners:

The work that Aric does should not be considered a replacement for seeing an actual Medical Doctor. Aric may be able to help provide some alternative treatment or therapies, but this is no substitute for serious conditions that require medical attention. If you have a life threatening emergency you should Dial 911

Cancellation and Availability Policy:

Clients cancelling less than 24 hours before the scheduled time will be charged full price, at Aric’s discretion. Based on Aric’s availability, if you are late to your appointment, Aric may not be able to extend the appointment for longer than the allotted time, and will be unable to issue any refund for that period of time.

Donation Based Massage:

For those coming to receive Massage Work on a donation basis to Aric, you are entering willingly into a verbal agreement that that you consent to receiving hands on body work and muscle manipulation from Aric, and that he will be in no way held liable for pre-existing injury. Aric is not yet a licensed massage professional, and thusly cannot require you to pay anything for the work given. He reserves the right and discretion to refuse you massage or body work.